“What happened to all of my money?” is something we never want to hear from any of our clients, which is why we offer multiple services to athletes and their families to monitor cash flow and budget for planned and unplanned expenses.

The pressures of travel, training and performance required during the season often leave little to no time to focus on cash flow.  We understand your time constraints and can assist you in managing these obligations and your liquidity concerns.   A list of some of these services includes:


Financial Statement Preparation – Understanding net worth and reviewing financial statements can help the professional athlete in many ways throughout their career.  By monitoring the current and forecasted financial condition of the athlete, we can track income and expenses and be ready when financial statements are required for any reason.

Monthly Budget Preparation – Making sure resources are available to meet obligations is very basic, yet often overlooked by athletes who do not earn their paychecks evenly throughout the year.  MVP Tax Group can work with you to manage your monthly income and expenses, making adjustments as needed, so you do have liquidity throughout the year.

Lifestyle Planning – Dreams are not limited to the athletic field alone.  Whether you dream about upgrading your primary residence or purchasing a vacation home like a beach house or ski condo; perhaps it is a luxury automobile or maybe collectables of some type like artwork or jewelry, we can assist with not only the funding and timing of the purchase, but also in transaction coordination.  Utilizing our network of professionals, we can manage the purchase or sale from start to finish.

Other Cash Flow Related Services – In addition to the above services MVP Tax Group can also provide:

  • Personal or Business Bill Paying
  • Payroll Services
  • Insurance Review
  • Other Customized Services