MVP Tax Group works closely with athletes and their other advisors to help them analyze and make sound investments from a tax perspective.  Professional athletes experience unique investment challenges, so it is important that they can rely on a team that can provide insight and analysis on these opportunities as they arise.  Below we have provided a brief list of how we can help manage the investment process.

Investment Review and Coordination – Our team coordinates physical meetings, conference calls or video teleconference meetings on a monthly, quarterly or as-needed basis with our clients ensuring that their investment planning from an accounting and tax point of view is well managed and all tax liabilities are well prepared for.

Business Opportunity Management – Our team reviews proposals, interviews potential business partners and provides an entire landscape of all outside business activities to build our tax and accounting plan, as well as suitability on entity choice, location and return on investment.

Along with your agent, attorney and wealth manager, we work to make your financial interests work for you versus you working for them.  “Hard work inside the athletic arena makes you successful.  Smart work outside the athletic arena makes you rich.”