Sophisticated Tax Planning – While everyone should plan for tax obligations, athletes can find themselves in the unique position of their income drastically changing from year to year or even month to month, depending on any number of issues. Our team is very familiar with the unique challenges facing today’s athletes.  We are experts when it comes to planning for changing situations, and we can assist you with multi-state issues, contract review from an income tax perspective, tax deduction timing and endorsement deals.

Tax Consultation – No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to taxes. There are a number of strategies we use to ensure that our athletic clients are put in the best tax position possible.  Each client is unique; each strategy for a particular client is also unique.  We take into account a number of factors and proven strategies and tools to ensure that our clients pay the legal minimum tax, both now and in the future. Whether it is setting up the proper type of entity for an athlete’s other business ventures or marketing opportunities to employing family members and planning for future tax obligations, we know how it’s done and how to do it right so it works for you.

Timely Filing of Tax Returns – Taking the time to prepare and file tax returns is not something that most people enjoy doing; unless of course you happen to be a member of the MVP Tax Group.  We really do enjoy resolving the unique challenges often faced by athletes, players and their families when it comes to the timely and correct filing of tax returns.  In addition to the requirement to file a Federal income tax return, athletes are usually required to file many state and local income tax returns.  We understand the rules regarding how your income should be allocated to each state and know when all of the tax returns need to be filed.  You don’t want to have to worry about these things – you need to concentrate on what you do best. Let us concentrate on what we do best.

Estate and Asset Protection – Planning for future events is imperative for someone in the professional athletic arena.  One day your professional career may look incredibly promising – you are on the top of the world.  But what if the unforeseen happens, what if you sustain a career-ending injury?  Are you prepared?  Are your family and assets protected?  We want you to be successful and financially independent for many years to come – not just while you are pursuing your lifelong dream.  We have the expertise to help plan for your future, to build the plan that will protect your family and assets so you can be successful even after your playing days have ended.