PDF-Icon Income Tax Complexities of Professional Athletes

Shannon D. Hagerich, CPA, MST

Most people think professional athletes have it made in the shade and often use words like fame and fortune when describing those in this group. Sure, many people would like to live the lifestyle of a professional athlete, but most people do not envy professional athletes when it comes to filing income tax returns on April 15th… DOWNLOAD

PDF-IconProfessional Athletes and Career Transition

William S. Duvall, CPA, CVA

Change……just the thought of change makes most people weary, put off and even sometimes scared. The fear of the unknown is always difficult to deal with — whether it is a minor change in routine or a major life event. Particularly traumatic is when one’s life work changes by choice or by fate. This is the type of change that is more often than not thrust upon professional athletes without warning… DOWNLOAD

PDF-IconWhen Does the Trust Stop?

J. Timothy Mauk, CPA

“I’m an extremely intelligent individual. I’ve seen it all. I didn’t get to where I am by being naive. How did this happen to me??!!!”

Have you heard this before? It has been estimated that almost 80% of NFL players have serious financial difficulties within two years after ending their playing career, and the average NFL career lasts only three to four years. Many professional athletes have gone from the peak of the mountain to the floor of the valley in a relatively short period of time and not only professionally, but financially as well… DOWNLOAD